Welcome to “Äspögården”

You will find “Äspögården” in the beautiful area of “Söderslätt”, close to the very south of Sweden – Smygehuk. The old and traditional vicarage, from the middle of the 19th century, is located in the idyllic small village “Äspö”. The vicarage has three different houses, a lushy orchard in the frontyard and a large green area, with massive trees, arbours and a bower in the backyard. In the houses you’ll find a library, dining hall and drawing-rooms for communion in beautiful environments, and of course all the rooms with beds and private bathrooms. Only ten minutes away, by bike (wich you can rent), you’ll find the lovely sea bath of Äspö, with a nice bridge. “Äspögården” is a place that invites you to times of recreation, reflection and fellowship. Welcome!

“Äspögården” is a christian, echumenical retreat- and conference center, and also a bed&breakfast, operated by the foundation “Laurenti- och Theresastiftelsen” (LOTS). LOTS has a catholic root, with a generous openess to other christian churches and organizations. We want to pursue that everything we do is nurturing the human, and in a unselfconcious and concrete way make the love of God present to people in need of support and help. 

All that we do is based on values, such as:

  • the human dignity, 
  • a holistic view on the persons physical, psycological and spiritual needs.
  • that all human beings have something to share and that we need each other.

“Äspögården” is first and most a place for retreats, where you can find peace, serenity, inspiration and guidance. We offer: 

  • Our own retreats.
  • External retreats, held by churches, companies or organisations, where they rent the vicarage for their own groups.
  • Days for staff- or boardmeetings.
  • Bed & breakfast